Injection Molding

ABS, PP, PE, HDPE, PC, Nylon, PPS, PETG, POM, TPE, TPU, TPV, Reprocessed materials and more

Color, Foam molding,

insert molding

3D Printing

3 Printer of various size print capacity

ABS, PLA, PC, PC/ABS, ABS/PA, Nylon, Carbon Fiber and Metal filled Filiments


Welding (Sonic, heat)


Drilling taping and machining

Assembly packages


Single and multiple cavities

MUD Bases

Hot runners

In-mold (inserts, fabrics etc.)

Built in US or overseas

Project management

Idea to production

Design support

Mold build management



Customer Kanban



Waste reduction

Returnable packaging


 ISO 9001:2015

Pioneer Plastics Inc.

Injection Molding and Assembly

45 to 200 ton machines

Pioneer Plastics has achieved an excellent reputation as a high quality supplier of custom injection molded parts and assemblies.

Injection molding requires plastic pellets be melted in a barrel and then forced into the mold cavity. The material is cooled in the mold until it can be ejected.